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Dressing Like a Social Media Star- 6 Expert Tips to Follow

Yesterday is passé and it is only today's trends that reign on Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram - no matter which one you follow, the highest number of likes are always garnered by the stars who dress to stun. The grace, the elegance, the poise are definitely effortless but the style is an acquired element. If you’re looking to be the next big trend on your Social Media account, we have a few tips for you.

Not Too Busy

One of the secrets to getting a great selfie or a social media picture is to don a plain dress, or at least something that is not too busy. Busy patterns distract from the beauty of your face and your stunning eyes. Something in a bold colour such as the high waisted flared pants by Manika Nanda in blended cotton with a contrasting top works best to accentuate your natural good looks and level up your fashion quotient.

Black Beauty

If it is your wedding or some other star-studded event you may not prefer to look like a plain Jane. Or opt for black for that matter. It is best in times like these to order custom wedding dresses with patterns that suit your body type. Bold floral patterns are in vogue and intricate motifs are in. Something like this ivory palm print dhoti saree set by Nikasha featuring ivory halter neck top tailored in crepe with palm print detailing is ideal for your next Social Media picture.

Wear The Drama

Sleeveless outfits definitely look trendy and stylish in person but the various angles at which a picture is shot at an event may not be as flattering to your upper arms. It is best to wear a long sleeved outfit for your Social Media picture. Something timeless such as this mustard embroidered kurta jacket with pants by Dori can skyrocket your followers in an instant.

Collar Fits

There is a reason Black and White portraits continue to remain favourites of movie stars and celebrities. Nothing, just about nothing, brings out the natural glow of your face, the sparkle in your eyes, the shine of your pouty lips like black does. Opting for an all- black dress or a black double layered maxi dress such as this one from Ruvya by Ruchika & Divya, tailored in chanderi with applique work will make you a hit in your Social Media circle.

It’s All About The Patterns

There are times when we pick up designer clothes on sale and want to show off our stash to our friends on Social Media. There is no subtle way to tone down the drama of the fabulous garments we wear but these are best highlighted with minimal or nude makeup and minimalistic jewellery. Remember, it is always best to wear some drama, not be the drama. Why not try this blue hand embroidered cut out anarkali by Abhi Singh crafted in georgette with embellished hand embroidery all over and blue pleated panels. This one is sure to get you a thousand likes.

Stick To Sleeves

Social media is all about flaunting your unique style. If it is a close-up display picture or a portrait that you are looking, collars work perfectly to frame the face and highlight your hairstyle. Your choice of collar - regular collar, Peter Pan collar, mandarin collar, turtleneck collar etc. - will also affect the perception of your frame. It is best to experiment with collars to come up with your best fit.

A sheer outfit with hot pants that also gives you an option to bring out your unique personality will ensure you stand apart and make an impression. Shirt collar, side slit, floral thread embroidery – all make this dress by Pratima Pandey a hit.

Now that you are aware, let your posts do the talking!

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