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Need assistance? Call/ our stylists at +91-9990224411

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What Customer Says?

" What a delight to have Carma shopping available online! I placed an order recently – the design seemed lovely, though I wasn’t too sure if the size I had ordered would fit (one is never quite sure about sizes when placing orders online). I was thrilled to see the product - delivered within a few days, packed to perfection, looking exactly like the image that appeared on the online page - and - it fit me like a glove – as if custom made for me!! Overall, a great online shopping experience! "

Nandini Malhotra November 21, 2014

One of my favorite parts from the Glitterati fundraiser for The Akshayapatra Foundation are the fashion shows, and this year Carma Online Shop was featured, a company that brings together the most sought-after designers and the brightest of new young talent. Just check out all these gorgeous outfits! Great job once again

Anamika Tara! November 21, 2014

Hi! Just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for a seamless online shopping experience! Excited that now, as a Pakistani, I can easily load up on chic Indian luxury wear! Thanks to dear friend and fashion connoisseur Anamika Tara, got introduced to Carma Online! Satisfied customer of two beautiful pieces: one from an established designer, Varun Bahl, and the other from a rising one, Reynu Taandon! Thanks again!

Ayesha Rabbani-Mehdi November 20, 2014